The best way to know what all your friends are up to is through Instagram stories. Everyone prefers to post stories more than actual posts. It is pretty obvious why. Stories disappear after 24 hours. So you don’t need to think much before posting them.

One disadvantage of this system is that you can’t watch your friend’s stories after 24 hours. So, you do end up missing out on a lot of them. It doesn’t have to be this way though. There is a solution to this problem. You can just download the Instagram stories you like. Just use an Instagram story downloader.

Do you want to download instagram stories. Then follow our article. Here we are sharing top 21 websites and apps to save instagram stories.

Don’t know how to download an Instagram story? Well, it’s not that difficult. There are a ton of websites out there that you can use. They make downloading Instagram stories quite easy. These are the top 21 websites and applications to download Instagram stories.

Top 10 Instagram Story & Post Downloader Apps

1. Story Saver – Video Downloader

You can save reels, statuses, and reels with Story Saver – Video Downloader. You can download this Instagram story downloader app from the play store for free. It is super easy to use, and it keeps all your saved stories organized. So, you can find them whenever you want without any hassle.

To download your friend’s Instagram story first copy the link from Instagram. Then paste it into the app. Then just click on the download button and your story will be on your device.

2. Story Downloader

Story downloader makes downloading stories super quick and easy. Rated 4.2 with 55k reviews, Story Downloader is  pretty easy to use. You can download all your friends’ stories and feeds with the app. You can even repost and share them on your social media accounts.

insta story downloader

One more thing you can do here is to add your favourite friends on the app itself. So that you can access their feed with ease. No need to even open the Instagram app. You can do everything from browsing to downloading in this app.

3. Story Saver and Video Downloader

Want to watch your friend’s Instagram story? But don’t want them to know that you’ve watched it? Well, you can do that with Story Saver and Video Downloader. It lets you view Instagram stories anonymously.

That’s not all though, you can download all the stories and reels you like with this app. After downloading, you can repost or share them wherever you like.

Not just stories, you can even copy captions and tags with this app. It’s all super easy and instant, so go ahead and try the app out.

4. Story Saver for Instagram

You can download any kind of media from Instagram with Story saver. And you can do it without letting anyone know it’s you. Your friends won’t know that you’ve watched their stories.

You can use multiple accounts on this app. To save an Instagram story or reel copy its link and paste it into the app.

You can download IGTV videos using this app. The process is the same. Just copy the link and paste it into the app. The video will be on your phone.

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5. Story Saver for Instagram: Fast Story Downloader

Get all your friends’ Instagram stories in high quality. Do that with Story Saver for Instagram. This Instagram story downloader can download content from Instagram without any loss of quality. So, your days of taking screenshots to save stories are over.

You won’t even have to copy and paste links into the app. After logging in with your ID, you can download the stories you like. Just click the download button. It shows up on its own, no copy-pasting required.

6. Story Saver – Video Downloader for Story and Reels

Story Saver makes saving Instagram stories super easy. You can do that in 3 steps. Step 1: Get the URL, step 2: Paste the URL, and step 3: Click download. It is that easy.

Download all the Instagram stories, reels, and videos you like with the app. It supports multiple downloads. So you can queue all your favourite videos to download at once. You don’t have to worry about disappearing stories and videos. You can just have them on your device.

7. Story Downloader: Story Saver

Saving and reposting Instagram stories is easy with Story Downloader. With the Story downloader: Story Saver save all your friends’ Instagram stories. Do it before they disappear.

instagram story saver

You can either go to Instagram and use the share option. Or you can just copy the URL. After copying, paste it to the app to download. Both options work. Once it finishes downloading, you can watch the Instagram stories offline.

8. Story Save

Story Save does what it says on the name, it saves Instagram stories for you. But that’s not all it does. It can save stories reels, videos, profile pictures, and more.

Downloading stories with the app is quick and easy. You won’t have any trouble navigating through the app. It’s all pretty intuitive. Reposting the stories you’ve downloaded is super easy. It’s anonymous as well, so why not just try the app out.

9. Save Insta Stories, Video

Watch and download Instagram stories with Save Insta Stories, Video. The app is anonymous. Your friends won’t know that you are downloading their stories. With the app, you can copy your friends’ stories and then surprise them later.

Using the app is pretty easy, just copy the post URL and paste into the app. It’ll let you download the story when you do. Keep them saved offline, or just share them on your social media.

You can archive Instagram videos with the app to watch them later.

Application Link: Story Downloader

10. Video Downloader and Story Saver

You can download from all social media with Video Downloader. This app can download stories from Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook.

The app is pretty versatile. But it is just as easy to use as the previous ones. You can download WhatsApp stories from the app itself. For Instagram, you can use the URL copying and pasting method. You can download stories by logging into the app with your facebook ID. You can use the URL copy-paste method.

Top 11 Instagram Story Saver Websites 


Don’t want to download an app to download Instagram stories? Then just use StorySavernet. This website will let you download Instagram stories with just one click.

When you visit the website, you’ll see a space to enter the username. Just you remember your friend’s Instagram username. You won’t even have to copy-paste any URL.

Just enter your friend’s username and click the button below it. Then select the story or post that you want to download. Then you can save it on your device by clicking download.


story saver

You’ll see the space to paste the link when you go to the site. For an Instagram story downloader website, it is quite good. So, you may have figured out what you need to do. Just copy the link and paste it in the space that says Insert story link here. Then click the download button, and the story will be on your device.

  1. is another great Instagram story downloader website.  It lets you download stories, reels, and posts from Instagram. It is free to use. And it lets you download from Instagram without anyone knowing.

All you need to download using this website is your friend’s username. If you don’t that’s fine. Just go to Instagram. Then use the share this profile button to copy your friend’s username. Then paste it onto the website. And you can download whichever story or post you want in an instant.


Download stories, videos, profile pictures, reels, and anything you want. Get it all in high quality with the help of You can download stories with the help of this Instagram story downloader by using your friend’s username.

You can download as many Instagram stories as you like. There is no limit to how many stories you can download. It saves stories on your device. You can find all the stories you’ve downloaded in your download folder. From there, you can share them, view them offline, and do what you want with them.


Copy the link to your friend’s Instagram story and paste it to The website will let you download it before it disappears.

Downloading the stories before they disappear is the only way to save them. You can do that with this website. All you need to do is copy and paste. You’ll see the space to paste the link when you go to the website. It’s all easy.


Download all your friend’s Instagram stories in just three steps with the help of Go to Instagram, copy the link, and paste it into the website. Then you can just click the download button to have it on your device.

instagram story download

And the best thing is that there will be no watermark on the pictures or videos. So, you can use them on your own social media without any hassle.


Save Instagram stories, reels, and pictures by using Just like the name says, it saves Instagram stories on your device. So, you won’t have to worry about missing out on your friend’s Instagram stories.

You can even download video content from Instagram in 4K. So, if you want to download high-quality videos, this website is perfect.

  1. lets you download Instagram stories, reels, and everything. Know your friend’s username? That’s all you need. Just paste it onto the website, and you can download what they share. No need to log in or download any apps. The whole process is quite hassle-free.


You can download Instagram stories for free with the help of Download high-quality pictures with no watermark on the website. Just copy the story URL from Instagram and then paste it onto the website. Then just press the download button and the story will be on your device.


No matter what device you use, you can use The process is the same as the other ones. Go to Instagram, copy the link and paste it onto this website. You don’t need an account on this website. And it is free. It is super easy. So if you need an Instagram story saver, just try this website out.


Always keep all the memories that your friends share on their Instagram with Copy the links to your friend’s Instagram stories before they disappear. Then just paste them here. Then press the download button and keep it on your device for as long as you want. These won’t disappear after 24 hours.

Final Word 

These are 21 great options to help you download Instagram stories. You don’t have to let any of your friend’s Instagram stories disappear. Download them all on your device and view them whenever you want.

You have the power to save your friend’s Instagram story. But we do believe that you’ll use this power only for good. Make sure to ask your friend’s permission before you share their stories. That said, have fun collecting Instagram stories.

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