So, what would be the future of Instagram? Being a social media marketer myself, I ask this question a lot to myself. And to be honest, it sometimes annoys me too. We all must accept that the world is changing at a faster speed than it was changing a few decades back. And even social media platforms cannot avoid this change, so they are changing, or updating to be precise, very fast too.

future of instagram

In such changing situations, the only way to grow is by analyzing and predicting the next things. And that’s exactly what we are going to do in this post.

In today’s post, I have researched, analyzed, and then predicted some of the major changes that you can see in the future of Instagram. Apart from making minor predictions, we will also look at some big Instagram future projects that can change the whole thing.

So whether you are a social media marketer, an influencer, or a business owner, these Instagram predictions are going to be very crucial for you.

Why should you know the future of Instagram?

Before talking about anything, you need to know why you should know about the future of Instagram.

It is because the platform has become the most profitable of all in today’s time. So whether you are trying to start a new business and market it through Instagram or to become a social media influencer, Instagram is your go-to platform. And of course, any changes in the platform will bring a change in your career, too.

But why would you believe me? You shouldn’t. But you should trust the facts that I’ve listed below.

  • 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business account (business or influencer). So if you are trying to start your social media marketing career, Instagram can be your go-to platform.
  • Instagram has the highest engagement rate among all other social media platforms. This means that there is a great chance for you to build your audience from scratch and grow.
  • Over 44% of users shop for products through Instagram every week. It opens a big door of opportunities for businesses that want to compete online.
  • More than 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile every day. It means that if you follow the right path, you will get an audience and customers.

And after all, Instagram has become a significant part of our daily life and any change in the platform will affect our lives, to some extent, too. Isn’t it right?

Now, let’s take a look at some of my Instagram predictions for the upcoming year.

9 Instagram Predictions for 2023

#1. More focus on reels and videos

If you’ve been an avid Instagram user, you may also have experienced the enormous rise of reels on the platform over the past few months. This is no coincidence or anything, it’s kinda the future of Instagram. Let me explain.

instagram reels

Until last year, Instagram was more of a photo-sharing social media platform. Then, the users used to share square photos and carousels to interact and engage with their audience. But since the last official update from the company, the platform seems to be shifting more towards reels and other video-based content. Now, reels and short videos seem to be the ideal content type for the platform.

According to my analysis, it’s just a start. We can say that the future of Instagram lies on reels to a significant extent now.

According to the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, who made this announcement on his official Twitter account, Instagram will now focus more on video-based content and on creating new creative tools to support the project.

After going through the official announcement made by Mosseri, here are my Instagram predictions about the possible changes in reels on the platform this year.

  • Updates to the reels algorithm would be made to help the users find more relevant content
  • You will be able to create longer duration of reels up to 1 min
  • Business accounts (professional accounts) will be able to share shoppable reels n the future of Instagram
  • Businesses will be able to run ad campaigns through reels on the platform in future
  • Different new editing features will be introduced to create better reels

Looking at how the future of Instagram will shift towards reels, you should start learning the basics of creating and editing reels on the platform. But do not forget; quality over everything!

#2. Improved analytic tools

One of the major changes that you can see in the future of Instagram is the improvement in the analytic tools of the platform. But before looking at what’s coming next, let us see what we have now.

instagram analytics tool

At present, Instagram provides us with some really good analytical tools that help us analyze our strategies and implement new ones. These tools include;

  • The number of accounts reached and the number of accounts engaged
  • The location of your audience
  • Your audience’s gender and age-ranges
  • And an evaluated statistics on when your audience is the most active

These analytic tools are great for people who are getting started with the platform and are looking to show their content to more people. However, for people who actually generate income and do business through the platform, more accurate activity tracking is needed. And looking at this need, in the future of Instagram, we can see some more detailed analytic tools that will help these users get more precise data.

Instagram predictions for these tools include more accurate activity tracking insights of your audience, insights of a longer period, and hashtags insights.

#3. Instagram live will be more in use

Did you know about Instagram live right from the start? I didn’t! Not because I was a very random user of the platform but because the feature was kind of lost. Yes, if you would have asked an Instagram user about the live feature a year ago, he wouldn’t be able to tell you.

instagram live

But since the third quarter of 2021, there has been a huge 70% increase in the usage of the feature. A great part of the thanks for this thing goes to COVID-19 which boosted the social media platforms to great extents.

And now, looking at the future of Instagram, Instagram Live is going to be one of the most amazing features of the platform.

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#4. Content will still be king

There has been a lot of buzz around that Instagram shifting towards short video format content is going to harm the overall content quality of the platform. But if you hear the experts, that’s not true.

instagram content

Right from 2021, Instagram has been consistently adding new tools and amending its algorithms to make sure that high-quality content gets what it deserves. And even though the platform seems to favor reel content more, other content formats, if high-quality, have been rewarded equally too.

Influencers and artists have started sharing raw and unfiltered content with less “curated” feeds. And this seems to be working quite well.

And this will keep getting better in the future of Instagram. So if you are thinking of sticking to one content format just because it is growing, you are missing the bigger picture. It’s about quality but anything.

#5. Personalized hashtags will be the key to success

You cannot deny the power of hashtags on Instagram. They help you share your content with relevant audiences faster. The effect becomes even greater when you personalize your hashtags according to your content, goals, and audience. And that is what the future of Instagram with hashtags looks like.

instagram hashtags

In the upcoming year, personalized hashtags will come more into play. Businesses that will target relevant hashtags in their posts will get better reach and engagement than those who use irrelevant ones that are just trending.

#6. Being on the explore tab is what you will need

According to a recent study by Hootsuite, more than 50% of Instagram users look through the explore tab once every month. And while this study was conducted in 2020, the numbers have surely gone up. With the latest updates, you can now access IGTV and shop sections from the explore tab as well.

instagram explore feed

And this has started a competition between brands, marketers, and businesses for being in the explore tab. And we can say that this is Instagram future.

Now let’s understand how the explore tab works and how in the future of Instagram it is going to play a vital role.

So, the explore tab tracks your daily activities on the platform and then shows you relevant content based on that. Obviously, the explore tab is different for different users. Content that appears on the explore tab tends to gain higher reach, more engagement, and higher likes and comments as compared to others. Also, because these content pieces are shown to a potentially interested audience, the conversion rate of the audience into followers becomes higher too.

If you are looking to crack the code for Instagram in the future, the explore tab is something you will really want to focus on.

#7. Posting stories will be the key to higher engagement

Before talking anything about this prediction, let me ask you; why do you share stories on your Instagram account?

Instagram stories are one of the fastest and most effective ways to engage with your audience. It lets you share quick updates with your audience right on the top of their screen so they can view it without doing anything specific. And following this strategy, you can ensure a high engagement for your profile, resulting in better outputs.

instagram stories

According to a 2020 study by Sprout Social, more than 500 million Instagram users used stories daily. And since this data is two years old and we also had the COVID 19 meanwhile, the numbers have surely risen up to a great extent. And according to the experts, they will only increase in the upcoming years.

Looking at the numbers, Instagram has been constantly adding new features like polls, slides, and GIFs in stories to make them more effective. And if we talk about the future of Instagram, it is going to play a huge role.

#8. AR will be used more frequently

Do you know that using AR effects or filters in your stories makes them more engaging for your audience?

instagram AR

Among all the features that we get on Instagram stories, using AR effects is something that’s catching everyone’s eyes very quickly. Using AR effects in our stories is quite easy, like using polls, questions, and GIFs. It lets you share your stories in a more interesting way that engages the audience.

The use of AR effects on Instagram has been increasing quite quickly. And since Facebook has allowed Instagram users to create these filters, the market has burst. In current times, businesses are using these filters to let their audience try their products before purchasing them. This has not only improved the relation between customers and brands but also the quality of products offered.

In Instagram future, you can expect a higher and more frequent use of these AR effects by brands, businesses, and influencers.

#9. User generated content will be in demand

We have been hearing a lot about the rise of user-generated content in the past few months. And looking at its high engagement features, it is something that must be discussed while discussing the future of Instagram.

instagram user generated content

But first of all, let us know what user generated content is. In the simplest words;

User generated content is what an user of a brand creates for the brand.

Now let’s understand how it can be the next big Instagram future project.

Brands have been leveraging user-generated content for years. There are several reasons for this;

  • It saves them time to create content for their brand
  • User generated content brings more authenticity than brand created content
  • It brings a creative variety on the brand feeds

With growing time, businesses and brands have started to realize the potential of user-generated content. And with that, there has been a big rise in user-generated content on the platform.

This trend is most likely to be followed in the upcoming year and is one of the safest Instagram predictions made today.

How will you grow on Instagram in 2023?

While the 9 Instagram predictions do not stand for all the changes that Instagram will bring in the future, they give you a clearer idea about where the platform is shifting towards. And that is quality.

If you summarize all these 9 predictions made about the future of Instagram, you will realize that the platform is trying to let its users interact and engage with each other, opening opportunities for the sides.

If you are a marketer, brand, or business and want to grow on the platform, here are some things I think you should do;

  • Keep your content original and authentic and make sure it provides value to the audience
  • Use personalized hashtags to target relevant audience
  • Leverage stories to interact and engage with your audience
  • Host Instagram lives with your audience to strengthen your relationship and build credibility
  • Target the explore tab and make sure you are there

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