If you are looking to get Instagram followers and likes for free, you are at the right post. Here, I have done my independent research and have listed the top 20 websites and apps to get free followers and likes on Instagram.

Right at the start, I would like to tell you that growing on Instagram is a long-run game. The best way to get more followers and likes on the platform is by creating quality content and engaging with your audience.

instagram followers and likes for free

But if you are looking for quick results, there are some really good tools and apps in the market that can help you increase Instagram followers for free.

This post lists the 20 best ones from all.

But before that, you need to know why you want to get more followers on the platform first.

Why do you need to get Instagram followers and likes?

The most common answer is that it is now the most popular social media platform on the internet. With over 500+ daily active users, Instagram is only behind Facebook and YouTube in the race to be the most popular platform. And with such a vast user base come tons of opportunities. Opportunities for growing as an influencer. Opportunities for starting a new business. And opportunities for making money through it.

And for that, you’ll need an audience i.e. followers, and engagement i.e. likes.

The organic way of getting followers and likes on the platform is quite slow and gradual. While most businesses, brands, and influencers prefer going this way (which is safe), some also go with trying out third-party websites and tools for getting thousands of followers in minutes. Then they use that number to cater to their target audience and grow the organic way.

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So if you are one of them and want to try out apps and websites that help you get Instagram followers and likes for free, here are the best 20 of all.

20 best websites and apps to get free Instagram followers and likes

1. Mr. Insta

Every time you search the web for the best website to get more Instagram followers and likes for free, Mr. Insta will show up. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the best in the business.

This website offers you high-quality, targeted, and real-like followers for your Instagram account. Following a very simple sign-up and a convenient login process, they offer you unlimited activation for continuous daily growth.

free instagram followers

It takes less than a minute to sign up and activate a plan with Mr. Insta, provided your typing speed is good, lol! And yeah, you can actually use the website for free and get fake Instagram followers for your account. And not just that, with this cool app, you can get Instagram likes on your posts too.

Mr. Insta offers different paid subscription plans too where they allow you to get unlimited fake likes and followers on your account. If you are looking to get fake Instagram followers that do not look fake, Mr. Insta is where you should come.

2. Followers.io

Followers.io promises to get you real followers and likes for your Instagram account. Taking a holistic approach to social media marketing, followers.io makes sure that you grow organically, but faster than the rest.

buy instagram followers and likes

The website offers you two different purchase plans named High-quality followers and Premium quality followers that start from $2.87 and $4.97 respectively. As you would have guessed, the quality of the service provided in the latter plan is better.

Unfortunately, the website has no free plans for you. So you might want to reconsider your budget before going for it.

3. Turbo Media

Turbo Media keeps themselves on the list of the best websites and apps to get Instagram followers and likes for free with their in-depth knowledge about the platform. The company understands the importance of having a good social audience base on the platform and thus, offers you both free and paid services to get high-quality and authentic followers for your Instagram account.

get free instagram followers and likes on instagram

The main difference between the free and the paid plan offered by the company is that you need to redo your activities every 24 hours in the former one and not in the latter one. Other than that, there is a slight difference in the quality of the fake Instagram followers you get too.

Getting started with this website is so easy. You just need to fill out a quick survey or complete 5 quick activities and you are all set to go.

I would suggest you first try the free plan and if it seems to be worth enough then go for the paid one.

4. Stormlikes

You would have guessed by the name that this website lets you get Instagram likes on your posts. Yes, it does. But along with that, it lets you get fake Instagram followers too. And you know what the best part is? You don’t have to pay a single penny for this.

The key feature that places Stormlikes apart from other Instagram followers provider companies is that they are actually involved to help you. Their free engagement feature is something that you’ll miss in other places.

With a hassle-free signup process and high-quality followers for your Instagram account, Stormlikes becomes something you should actually consider.

5. Buzzoid

In my opinion, Buzzoid is kind of an underrated online tool for getting fake Instagram followers for your account. I am saying this after looking at the high-quality plans the company offers and the number of positive testimonials it has.

buy instagram likes

And while other websites and apps are only offering followers and likes, Buzzoid lets you get views for your content too. This makes the whole process of growing your Instagram account so authentic, resulting in faster growth.

If you are looking to get not just Instagram followers and likes for free but views also, try Buzzoid.

6. Likes.io

Likes.io is one of the best places to get Instagram followers and likes because they make sure you get real, high-quality, and authentic services.

Instead of just filling your followers’ list with bots, Likes.io makes sure your followers are real. And that’s what changes the game.

Likes.io provides you with fake Instagram followers and likes. But they seem so real that it becomes very hard to tell the difference. Want to try? It’s worth it.

7. Social Viral

This company knows exactly what you are trying to do. Get viral! And with its high-quality fake Instagram followers and likes that look so real, Social Viral helps you achieve that.

real followers and likes on instagram

The company doesn’t give you bot followers. With its services, you will get actually decent followers with good posts and biographies that will build trust among the rest of your audience.

Social Viral claims that it provides you with real value for the cost. You might want to see if that is true.

8. Media Mister

Media Mister claims to have served more than 50,000 clients from all across the globe with their high-quality social media growth services. According to the company, its services are not limited to Instagram but they also provide services for different social media platforms.

But we have to talk about Instagram today so let’s stay on the point. By signing up with Media Mister, you can get high-quality and realistic Instagram followers and likes for free. There is a paid plan too but you should try the free plan first before investing your money into that.

As the company says, every process in the services is done manually. If it is true, this will boost your content impressions a lot.

9. GetAFollower

Unlike other providers in the market, GetAFollower offers you genuine social media marketing strategies that help you in the long run. And yeah, it offers you fake Instagram followers too.

The company focuses on helping its clients build credibility among their audiences by offering high-quality, targeted, and affordable services. This means that every follower you get through this website will be interested in your niche. Sounds cool, right?

One of the key features of the company is its money-back guarantee. Yes, if you are not getting the expected results from the paid services, you can actually contact customer support and get your money back. Now this is surely worth a try, isn’t it?

10. Fastlikes

As the name suggests, Fastlikes lets you get Instagram likes on your account really fast.

Fastlikes is an emerging company in the market and hence you can trust their efforts in my opinion. They claim to professionally deliver real followers and likes to your Instagram without using any bots or fakes. And they claim all these for absolutely free.

real instagram growth

Again, the company is hustling to make its space in the market, and that is why I would give it a try.

11. Famoid

Famoid makes getting Instagram followers and likes for free so much easier for you. The company takes a lighthearted approach towards the whole process. Along with telling how many followers they have delivered to their clients, they also mention how many cups of coffee have been consumed.

Using Famoid is a good way to increase Instagram followers for free if you are starting out. However, if you have business needs, you can switch to the beneficial paid plans too. You will not have any inconvenience with the payment procedure on the website as it accepts PayPal and SafeCharges along with usual debit and credit cards too.

12. UseViral

UseViral lets you go viral by providing you with authentic fake Instagram followers for your account. The company leverages its large network links to make sure you get what you want, whether it is to get Instagram likes or to get Instagram followers.

UseViral is a well-reputed company in the market that has enough credibility to make you go with their services. Serving thousands of customers from all across the world, they have gained the expertise to deliver what your profile actually needs.

13. Get Real Boost

This website does not deliver you Instagram followers. Yes, it does not! Instead, it provides you with legitimate likes, views, and comments on your Instagram account that help your account to get the real boost.

instagram free followers

We know that buying fake Instagram followers for your account can be risky (even riskier after the latest update of the app). And that is why Get Real Boost prefers to go the alternate way to get the same results.

When your posts get more views, likes, and comments, you will automatically get more followers. And that’s how the website works.

14. GrowthSilo

GrowthSilo is one of my personal favorite websites for getting Instagram followers and likes for free. Not just because it offers amazing services but also because it offers genuine and organic growth services for your account too.

Another feature that shows the quality of the website is its 3-day free-trial where you can actually have a good idea  about the performance and the quality of the services offered. If you like it, you can go with the paid plan where you can discuss your Instagram goals with team members and professionals too.

There is a lot to do, you just need to check it out!

15. Ampya

Ampya is an emerging website in the Instagram growth industry that offers some of the best Instagram growth services to grow your account, all at affordable rates.

Along with allowing you to get fake Instagram followers and likes for free, the website also sends some real accounts to your profile which make your profile look genuine.

With every client, Ampya tries to appoint one manager who helps in tracking performance, analyzing stats, and suggesting changes.

It is a newcomer in the market but when you look at its services, it’s no less than the oldest ones.

16. Kicksta

If you are looking for an Instagram growth company that actually lets you get Instagram followers and likes for free, it is Kicksta.

get real instagram followers

In my research, Kicksta’s free service is the best of all. Because unlike other companies that offer you fake Instagram followers and likes, Kicksta delivers you real followers with real IDs.

Obviously, there is a paid plan offered too. But it is much more secure than others as you can test the services of the site with the 14-day money back guarantee. And if anything feels wrong, you get a no-question refund. Wow!

17. Venium

Venium is a social media marketing and strategic placement company that helps you get Instagram followers with their precise paid plans.

For every 1000 high-quality, authentic, and genuine followers, Venium charges you around $9.99. Personally, I like the clarity offered by the site a lot.

18. ProjectInsta

It is an Insta-focused growth company that promises considerable growth of your Instagram account with its dedicated features and strategies.

The company only offers Instagram growth services and because of that, it brings better quality than the rest. It tracks and analyzes regular updates and changes made by the social platform and creates effective strategies for you to grow on it.

ProjectInsta lets you increase Instagram followers and likes for free. You can get up to 80,000 followers for your account in one day, for almost free.

19. Social Wick

Since its opening, Social Wick has sold over 300 million genuine followers to more than 900,000 of its customers, all thanks to its high-quality services and efficient customer support.

However, there is no free plan offered by the company which builds a bit of mistrust among new customers. I would recommend you do a thorough research about it before putting your money into it.

20. iDigic

Apart from allowing you to buy fake Instagram followers, likes, and views, iDigic offers an array of services to improve your social presence.

get your instagram followers and likes

Although the company does not offer any free plans, the paid ones are worth mentioning. Apart from offering its regular followers providing services, iDigic also shares detailed analytic reports about your Instagram followers to help you get the perfect strategy.

Should you buy fake Instagram followers for your account?

In this post, I have researched and listed the top 20 websites and apps to get free Instagram  followers and likes. All these websites are capable of boosting your followers’ list from 10 to 10000 in one day.

But the question is, should you buy fake Instagram followers to grow your account?

In my opinion, it depends on how you use those followers on your account. If you are using them to increase the reach of your original content to a more interested audience, then it is good. But if you start fooling other people with that number, it’s not going to end well.

If you are a business or a content creator, you should create high-quality and original content that is either valuable or entertaining. And then you can use these websites to increase the reach of that content so more real people can see that.

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