We all had that moment when we first started our Instagram account. We all knew what pictures we wanted to upload. But when it came to the bio none of us had any idea what to write there. I just put in some random info on my bio when I first started Instagram. But that’s not the way to write your bio. Your bio can help your account stand out and even help you gain more followers. So, let’s talk about some Instagram bio ideas to help you write the best possible Instagram bio.

Instagram Bio Ideas To Help You Write the Perfect Bio

instagram bio ideas

Keep your Instagram bio short and sweet

Nobody likes reading a big wall of text. Keep your Instagram bio to the point. You want to give them a reason to get to know you. Not just learn everything about yourself from your bio.
Keep the information in your bio short and juicy. Be creative with it, everyone can put their birthday in, maybe you can put in a date that is really special to you. Give your profile visitors a hint about why that date might be special to you. That’s just one example, be your interesting self in your bio. Just remember to keep it short.

Use keywords to describe yourself

One thing many don’t know about Instagram bios is that your Instagram bio can bring you more followers. Don’t know how? Well, the magic word is keywords.
Keywords are words that people search for in the search bar. When you add these keywords to your bio when people search that keyword your profile will show up in their results. So using keywords can help your profile show up in more people’s search results.

But make sure to use keywords that describe you or your Instagram content. I mean you can put the keyword puppy pictures in your bio. But if your profile doesn’t contain any cute doggo pics, the people that followed you because of that keyword are going to be disappointed.

Use emojis to add personality

If a picture’s worth a thousand words an emoji must be worth at least a hundred. And let’s face it, those yellow little bubbles add a bit of color to your bio. That just looks better aesthetically. You don’t have to stay limited to the yellow faces. There are so many more emojis on your phone’s keyboard. Go wild, use flowers, water, planes, and cars, whatever resonates with you. Don’t use too many though, that may look a little bit cluttered. Unless that’s your aesthetic, cluttered and messy, that has its own charm too. Try out adding different emojis to your bio and see how that feels.

Use Line Breaks In Your Instagram Bio

instagram bio

Nobody likes reading a big wall of text. Instagram allows you to use limited characters, so you might be tempted to use them all to write about your page and its services. But do use line breaks and spaces if you want your bio to look clean.
Using line breaks after each of your services and specialties will make your bio much easier to read. That way, people that visit your page won’t have a hard time knowing what your page is about. You can also use the emojis available to make your bio look aesthetically pleasing.

Use hashtags to reach a wider audience

Hashtags are sort of like keywords in a way. They can help you reach a wider audience.
If you wanna reach a wider audience, start using popular keywords in your hashtags. You can find popular keywords by searching Instagram keyword finder on google. Use one of the sites that show up to find keywords that are related to your post. Then use those keywords on your hashtag. People who are looking for posts like the one you are about to make will have an easier time finding your post.

Use your bio to promote your content

Are you using Instagram to promote the content you create on other platforms like youtube? If not you should start right now. You can add links to your blog or youtube in your Instagram bio. Add your youtube link in there. Also, do tell people what they’ll find on your Youtube channel. You want to give your followers a reason to check out your content. Be resourceful with your link though. Instagram allows you to use only one link, so use that link to send people to your main blog or website.

Keep your bio updated regularly

We like to think of ourselves as unchanging but it’s not true. We all change or get updated you can say. So it’s only fair that your bio should be updated from time to time too. Did you go on a recent trip and learned some fantastic new stuff? Put a titbit of it in your bio. Is there something new about your brands that your potential follower might like? Well, put it in. Also, remove anything that no longer represents your brand. A fresh and updated can help your Instagram look nice and professional.

Keep Your Audience in Mind

perfect instagram bio

Whether you are doing Instagram as a hobby or as a brand, you gotta know your audience. It’s so much easier to talk to a person when you know who or what they are don’t you think? Knowing your audience will help you look authentic, and hey who doesn’t like authenticity?
There are tools available out there that can help you learn more information about your audience. You can find such tools on google.

Highlight Your Skills on Your Instagram Page

As a brand, you gotta show people what you are good at for people to decide if they want it or not. So show off what you got all over your page. Even if you use Instagram as your personal hobby, that approach can help you reach out to a lot more potential friends. Showing off your best side will make people wanna see more of you. So show off what you are good at.
Create collages of your favorite projects and show them off on your Instagram page. In today’s day and age, having extra skills and showing them off can open up a lot more potential career opportunities for you. So show off those aesthetic pictures you took on your last trip.

Optimize Your Username Too

Instagram only lets you put 150 characters in your bio. So if you want your account to reach its best potential then you gotta optimize your username too. What is your Instagram page about? You need to know your niche if you want a successful Instagram page. Once you know what your niche is, you can find suitable keywords and add them to your username.
For example, if your Instagram page is about all the recipes you try out then adding keywords like food lover, or recipe would be a good idea. If you use Instagram to showcase your photography skills, add the keyword photography to your username. Then people looking for accounts in your niche will have an easier time finding your page.

Make It Easy for People To Find You

instagram bio

One thing many people ignore while writing an Instagram bio is adding their contact information. There is no point in making a good Insta page if you don’t add your contact information. Even if people love your skills and craft, it is of no use if people can’t find you.

Make sure to add all your contact information in your bio. There is limited space there, so prioritize the basic ones. Add your phone number and email id in your Instagram bio. Then you can add all of your social media and personal and professional websites. Keep your contact information updated. Keep removing all the dead social media accounts that you no longer use and update them with fresh ones. If you make it easy for people to find you, you will have a better engagement which in turn will help your Instagram page grow.

How to write an Instagram bio that tells your brand’s story

Every brand has a story, and nowadays people care a lot about the people and story behind a brand. So make sure to tell the story behind your hobbies and interests. Instagram is a visual social media site, so you can convey your brand’s story more effectively with the help of pictures. They don’t say a picture is worth a thousand words for no reason. Use the limited space on your bio to talk a little bit about where you got the inspiration to pursue your crafts. And yeah, use all the possible keywords you can so that people would have an easier time finding you.

The do’s and don’ts of writing an Instagram bio

What You Should Do

  1. Keep your bio short. Use all the characters available but if it looks too long edit the unnecessary stuff out.
  2. Use line breaks and spaces.
  3. Use emojis to make your bio look colorful and aesthetic.
  4. Add your contact information.
  5. Use the one link you get to add wisely. Keep it updated.
  6. Add relevant keywords to your bio and your username.
  7. Tell people what you are good at in the bio itself.
  8. Use hashtags in your bio.
  9. Keep the audience that you plan to target in mind while you are writing your bio.

What You Shouldn’t Do

instagram feed

  1. Don’t keep your bio as a big wall of text. It’s boring and nobody likes reading big and long paragraphs.
  2. Try to avoid making any grammatical or spelling mistakes on your Instagram bio.
  3. Don’t stuff unrelated keywords in your bio. Only put in the keywords that are related to your posts.
  4. Don’t forget to add any new niche you are catering to. Remove any older keywords or dead links from your bio.
  5. Don’t set up your account as a private account. You want people to see your posts, so keep your profile public.


These tips should help you write an Instagram bio that is both authentic and interesting. The secret to writing a great Instagram bio is, knowing how to share about yourself. You gotta share enough to make people interested so that keep coming back to your profile to find out what’s new about you. We Hope these tips helped you learn how to do that.


Q. Which Bio is Best for Instagram?

Answer: The best bio for Instagram is one that is short and to the point. Tell people what your page is about and what they’ll find in your bio. Be creative if you want people to stick around for more.

Q. What should I write in the bio?

Answer: Your Instagram bio should contain all the relevant information about you and your page. Start by adding what your page is about and what posts you share. Then you can link other social media and your contact information. If you intend to use Instagram to sell products add a link to the website where people can go to purchase your products.

Q. How to Write an Instagram Bio that Boosts Your Engagement?

Answer: If you want better engagement on your Instagram post you’ve got to put relevant keywords in your bio. Keywords are how people who want to see posts in a certain niche can find you. When you put relevant keywords in your bio, people who want to see your posts will find you. And if they like your posts, you’ll have better engagement.

Q. How to write an Instagram bio that converts followers to customers?

Answer: The visual social media Instagram has been great to show off your visual art projects. If you learn a few photography hacks, you can present your projects in a really attractive way. Take quality pictures and videos of your projects and advertise them on Instagram. Also, provide all your professional contact information on your bio so that people can easily buy what they like.

Q. How to write an Instagram bio that is both professional and fun?

Answer: If you want your Instagram bio to look professional, make sure that what you write in it is correct. Grammer and spelling errors are not great. They make you look unprofessional. Use tools like Grammarly to spell check before you click save on your Instagram bio. And use some funny and quirky words to make your bio fun.

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