A page or an Account on Instagram has a unique URL, by using that link it will be easier to promote your page or account on many of the social media platforms which help to increase account reach and gain more followers. There are several ways by which you can get your URL easily, we will tell you how to share all your Instagram profile by a link.

Instagram Profile Link Share Methods

Type your Instagram link manually

Here is the first way by which you can share your IG profile link, you can type it manually the link looks like  www.instagram.com/username, the username here stands for your profile name.

For example, the link www.instagram.com/instagram will lead you to the official Instagram page.

sharing instagram link is not a complicated matter at all. But few people don't know how to share their profile link. Read this article and know the multiple methods of sharing instagram profile link.

Copy your Instagram link from the Browser

Here is the second way by which you can share your IG account link, This method appliesto both mobile and computer users.

  • Open your browser
  • Search for Instagram
  • Login to your Instagram account
  • After logging in you see that there is a URL on the Address Bar
  • Tap the Address box, the link becomes highlighted and an option appears to copy that link
  • Click on a copy now you can share it where you want.

Share the profile by QR code or Nametag

instagram profile qr

You can get a QR code or Name tag by which you can share your profile. In the mobile app, it is called a QR code,inthe web browser version, it is named as Nametag feature. They both have different functions of them. This is one more way to share your Instagram profile link. It looks more attractive way to share.

It’s easy to create the QR code:

  1. Open the three lines present over there.
  2. Choose QR Code.
  3. On the square you see your Instagram username and pixelated image which is the code.

If you like the idea that you cannot just find your Instagram URL and share it, but you can create a nice business card, you’ll like the idea that you can alter the code design.

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Click the button at the top to see available options.

  • Emoji. You can search for or change emoji there which is spread all over the square to look more attractive.
  • Selfie. A camera feature with emojis appears. Tap it to change what’s displayed. There are many funny accessories that you can put on your QR code. The photo will be displayed as an emoji.
  • Color.  By clicking on the coloroption you will be able to change the color of your QR code.

A little trick for iOS users

You can get your Instagram link if you tap the Share icon. There you will find the option Copy. Tap it, and you will have the Instagram profile link in your clipboard.

Unfortunately, there is no such feature on Android.

Send your IG link by using Nametag

instagram link

Nametags are also a great way to share your Instagram profile. It has fewer features than the QR code though. You can only color the background. Though, the color can be changed. You can download the tag after creating it.

  • Go to your profile page and click the Gear icon.
  • Choose Nametag.
  • Click Download Nametag

Copy a page link on Instagram

You can copy and share a post or Story link instead of an Instagram profile link. You send a link to users.

This is how you can find Instagram post URL and copy it:

  • Click the three dotson a post page.
  • Select Copy Link.

This is how you can find an Instagram Story URL and copy it:

  • Click the three dotswhile watching your Story.
  • Select Copy Link.

Use your second Instagram account to get the link

share instagram profile link

There are options to share links to others’ Instagram profiles. You can get your Instagram link using one of them if you run any other accounts. Then you can share it anywhere you want.

For example, If I want to share my  IG profile, So the first thing I will do to find my URL is log into another Instagram account. In my case it’s. Then I go to thepage and open the three dots.

Send your IG profile link to DM

The Instagram profile link can be shared in Direct.

  • Click Share this Profile.
  • Select the users whom you want to send the page, andtap Send near their usernames.


There are different ways you can get an Instagram profile link. You can type the link manually or copy it from a web browser. The QR code or Nametag isan alternative to the text address. You can also use a second account to share the Instagram link of your usual profile.

Make sure you can recover your account anytime. You need to update the email and phone number in the settings timely for this. Then, whether you suffer blocking or being hacked, you don’t have to create a new page and give people a new link.

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