Google smart lock has proved to be a saver for people with low memory power. If you find it difficult to remember all the passwords of your different socials and apps, which is not so strange, Google smart lock allows you to automatically log in by saving and syncing your credentials properly.

However, with the smart lock enabled, some apps tend to behave differently which can be a big issue for you. For example, many Instagram users, including the past me, can’t log into their secondary account when the smart lock is enabled. This might not look like a big issue at first but when you are unsuccessful after dozens of attempts, it really annoys you.

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Thankfully, there are ways to remove Google smart lock from Instagram. I have shared one of the easiest and most effective ways below for your convenience. Let’s take a look.

How to remove Google smart lock from Instagram

So, if you are having trouble with your Instagram login, all because of the Google smart lock, here are the ways to remove it.

But before that, if your Instagram hasn’t been locked with the smart lock yet, here are;

The steps to keep your Instagram account unlocked from Google smart lock

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Step 1. Open the settings of your android device. Now, the layout for the settings menu may be different for different devices so make sure you are familiar with yours.

Step 2. Select Google.

Step 3. Click on “Smart Lock for Passwords”

Step 4. You will see a “Never Save” category. Now tap on the “+” button to add an application that you don’t want to save your passwords for.

Step 5. Now find and select Instagram from the list and click on it to add.

Once added, you will never be prompted to save your password and login credentials while logging into your Instagram account.

However, if you’ve already saved your Instagram login credentials to Google smart lock and are regretting it now, worry not. Below, I have mentioned the steps following which you can remove Google smart lock from Instagram quite easily.

Steps to remove Google smart lock from Instagram forever


remove google smart lock from instagram

Step 1. Open the settings, search Google, and click on the Google smart lock option.

Step 2. Now, under the saved passwords section, click on the “Google Accounts” link

Step 3. Enter the password for your email account, if asked. After that, search for “Instagram” in the password manager

Step 4. Select every Instagram option that appears and delete their passwords.

And that’s it. You have successfully removed your Instagram Google smart lock and can now log into any other account on your device. To be sure, log out from your current Instagram account and try logging into a different one.

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What if your device does not have Google smart lock?

While doing my research, I came across tons of comments by people who said that their phones do not have Google smart lock and thus they could not remove it from their Instagram. Well, my phone (IQOO Z5) does not have Google smart lock either. But still, I removed my auto-synced passwords for my Instagram account within seconds.

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How? Here are the steps.

  • Open the settings of your device and head to Google
  • See if there is an “auto-fill” option available. If there is, click on it.
  • After opening the option, you will see several options such as “autofill with Google”, “Phone number sharing”, and “SMS verification codes”.
  • Click on the “autofill with Google” option
  • You will see multiple options again. Tap on the “passwords” section. Here you can see the apps and websites on your device for which the passwords are auto-synced.
  • Search Instagram there and click on it. You might be asked to enter your screen lock for this.
  • Now, you can see your saved Instagram username and password. To remove it from being auto-synced, simply click on delete.

Once you have clicked on the delete option, your password for the locked Instagram account will be deleted and you will be able to log in to any other account quite easily.


Google smart lock can be a very useful tool if you have issues with your memory. However, with some apps like Instagram, you may have trouble because of it as well. In that case, this post about how to remove Google smart lock from Instagram will be of help.

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