Most of us have scrolled through our Instagram feed and come across a post that makes us do a double take. Maybe it’s a celebrity posting a questionable product, or a friend who seems to be living a life that’s too good to be true. Nowadays Improving your social media presence is an essential part of brand development or marketing campaigns. However, it can be tricky to create convincing posts when your life is not very exciting at the moment.

Fake Instagram post maker

Fortunately, with access to plenty of free websites and apps, creating an Instagram post is easier than you think. There are many websites that provide Instagram post-maker tools. Using these tools you can easily create and upload images without hesitation. Fake Instagram post maker will save lots of time and also it is very funny to post on Instagram.

If you want something free, simple, and time-saving then this article is for you. We’re going to cover everything you need to know about creating real and engaging fake Instagram posts right here.

What is a Fake Instagram post maker?

Fake Instagram post maker is a tool that lets you create eye-catching fake Instagram posts and add them to your Instagram account. These posts can be used for marketing, brand growth, pranks, or as part of an art project. A fake Instagram posts maker lets you create posts for Instagram as if you were posting them from your phone or computer. You can add images, text, and stickers and save it as a draft or publish it to your feed. You can create posts in bulk, save them and then upload them at a later date.

Why do you need This?

There are many reasons why you may want to create a fake Instagram post. A few reasons include: posting on holidays – if you want to post on a holiday that’s not relevant to your business, you can create a fake post. Marketing – fake posts can be used as a fun way to engage your audience and promote your brand. Social experiment – you can create a fake post to see how people react to it. Pranks – you can create a fake Instagram post as a prank to trick a friend or family member. Art projects – fake posts can be used as a part of an artistic project.

How to make a fake Post on Instagram

Tips for making better fake Instagram posts

You have to follow a few easy steps if you want to make a fake Instagram post. First, find a high-quality photo that you want to use. Open fake Instagram post maker websites, which I have given below. Edit your photo according to your choice. Save the photo to your gallery. Then, open the Instagram app and create a new post. Tap on the ‘Edit’ button in the top right corner of the screen and select the “insert photo” option. Choose the photo you have saved before in your gallery. Then add captions according to your photo and add relevant hashtags. Then tap on share. Now your post will be visible on Instagram.

How to make sure your fake post looks real

Sometimes uploading a fake post without proper edits can make you a fool on Instagram. So it’s very much necessary to make your fake photo look real. You can follow these 3 steps to make sure your fake Instagram post looks real:

Use high-quality photos: Using professional and high-quality photos will make your fake Instagram post look more realistic. So always try to use real and high-quality photos during editing.
Use Captions related to your post: captions always make a big impact on a post. So during uploading, a fake photo doesn’t forget to use witty, funny, and relatable captions. Keep your captions short and sweet for the best results.
Use Hashtags: Hashtags are a great way to get more eyes on your post. So never forget to add some crispy and trending hashtags in your posts.

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Tips for making better fake posts

Always remember my 5 points before publishing a fake post on Instagram. Otherwise, people easily catch your fake post and make fun of it.

Tips for making better fake Instagram posts

Use high-quality photos that are clear and look realistic.
Use creative and eye-catching filters to make your posts stand out.
Make sure the text you want to use is legible and easy to read.
Use hashtags wisely to reach a wide range of people.
Always double-check your posts for any types of mistakes like spelling mistakes, watermarks on the photo, and image quality before you hit publish.

Some Benefits of making fake posts

There are many benefits of making fake Instagram posts. You can create attractive and interesting posts which will help you to get more followers and likes. Also, you can use fake posts to make fun of people or to promote your business. Finally, this is the best way to teach others how to use the Instagram platform without doing anything.

Some people may argue that making fake posts is unethical, but as long as you are not lying or hurting anyone, there is no harm in doing so. In fact, many people love to make fake posts and use them in a fun way. So without hesitation enjoy the benefits of making fake Instagram posts.

Drawbacks of making fake posts

There are a few drawbacks to making fake Instagram posts. First, it can be time-consuming to create a realistic fake post. Second, if you are not careful, your fake post can easily be spotted by others and may result in some embarrassing moments. Finally, if your fake post goes viral, it can be very difficult to take it down and you may end up with a lot of negative attention.

Fake Instagram posts can damage your credibility and reputation. If people see that you are posting fake content, they may not trust you or your brand. Also posting fake content can lead to legal problems. If you post something that is false or misleading, you may face a legal battle. Another biggest problem is if Instagram catches you violating its terms of service, it could lead to your account being suspended or even permanently banned. So it’s better for you to use fake posts as few as possible.

Top 5 websites to create fake Instagram posts

There are lots of reasons why you might want to create a fake Instagram post. Maybe you want to create a funny meme, maybe you need to generate a fake post to show your friends, or maybe you want to promote your business. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of websites and apps out there that can help you create fake Instagram posts. Let’s discuss the top 5 websites to create fake Instagram posts.


Zeebo is a collection of tools where you can make fake posts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. Just open the website and select which platform you want to create fake posts on. Then click on Instagram post maker. Now you will get a post there. Modify this post using the pencil icon given. Then select “save your post”. Now you can easily post this fake photo on Instagram. Don’t forget to add proper hashtags and captions. Now publish the post and enjoy.

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fake instagram post

This is an awesome website where you can create fake Instagram posts in seconds. This website allows you to generate a bulk amount of posts online without any problem. To create a fake post here, you need to fill in the blank boxes. After adding a high-quality photo and filling up all details given, now your post is ready to roar on Instagram. Before saving the fake post to your gallery, just double-check the post and confirm that there is no watermark on it. Now save the post and share it on Instagram. I guarantee you people will go crazy for your fake post.

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10015 Tools: Instagram Post Generator Online

10015 tools is a free online tool for generating Instagram posts. Here you can make realistic fake posts and have fun with people around you. Please make posts only for fun purposes. Don’t harass and cheat on anyone. This website is very simple and easy to use. Just upload a photo here and edit it according to your choice. Add username, captions, and image URL and the website will generate a fake post for you. Just save this Post and upload it directly on Instagram. Make fun of people with your fake posts and entertain others.

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This is one of my favorite websites to create a fake post for Instagram. This website is very simple and easy to use. Anyone with zero experience can easily create a fake post here. Here you can create fake likes, comments, and many more. Once you have opened the website you’ll need to choose a background image for your fake Instagram post. After you have chosen background images it’s time to add some text to your post. Most generators provide a range of fonts and colors to choose from. You can also add hashtags, emojis, and other things according to your needs. Once you are happy with your post it’s time to save it and share it with the world.

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fake instagram post generator

Fakedetail is a professional fake Instagram post generator website. Here you can easily create a fake post and prank your friends on social media. Except for fake posts, you can generate fake likes and fake comments here. First, open the website and choose your device’s operating system. Then you can add time, battery percentage, fake name, geotags, etc. Now select a high-quality realistic background image. Then add some crispy captions and don’t forget to change the hashtags. Now scroll down, and you can see the live preview of the post you create. If you want to change something then easily you can do it here. Now download the post and share it on the internet.

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In conclusion, there are both pros and cons to using a fake Instagram post maker. On the one hand, it can be a great way to create fun, unique content for your account. On the other hand, it can also be a way to create fake, misleading content that could damage your reputation. Now, the decision is in your hand whether to use a fake post maker or not.

One potential downside of using a fake Instagram post maker is that you could create content that is not entirely accurate. For example, you could create a post that says you are at a certain location when you are actually somewhere else. This could lead to people thinking you are being dishonest, which could damage your reputation. But in my opinion, always try to upload a real photo. That will give you satisfaction from the inside.

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