We’ve all been using Instagram for quite a while. Have you wondered how many secret Instagram tricks and tips there are? I mean there must be, right? Or we’d all have millions of followers and not 200.

Since it was launched in 2010, it has grown massively. Everyone and their friends are on Instagram. Everyone uses the same Instagram. But not everyone has the same number of followers and likes. Have you wondered what they are doing right and you aren’t?

Instagram tricks & tips

Well, they are using some of these Instagram tricks and tips. Instagram has a ton of features. But not everybody knows about them.

The good news is you can learn these Instagram tricks and tips right here. We’ve got 50 Instagram tricks and tips that you need to know. So, let’s just dive in.

Top 50 Instagram Tricks and Tips

1. Use Instagram Itself to Make Your Pictures Look Better:

Did You know, you could just use Instagram to edit your pictures? You can. Instagram has a built-in photo editor. You can just use that to apply effects, edit, crop, or zoom. Just make sure you save the original picture. And if you want to use the Instagram photo editor without posting, you can. Just make sure to turn on airplane mode and publish the picture. It won’t get posted, but you’ll have the edited picture in your gallery.

2. You Can Have More Than 1 Instagram Account on One Device:

You can have multiple Instagram accounts on your device. That’s one of those Instagram hacks that many ignore. Why have multiple accounts? Well, you can cater to different niches with different Instagram accounts. Posting all your hobbies on one Instagram account can make your feed look cluttered. That won’t help you gain followers. So, just open up another Instagram account. Explore another one of your hobbies with that account. You can do that by going to your Instagram settings and clicking the add account button.

3. Add Your Other Instagram Accounts to Your Bio:

A benefit of having multiple Instagram accounts is that you can drive more followers to your main account. If you are asking how to do that here’s how? Just go to your bio, and edit it. While adding your other account type ‘@’. Type the name of your other bio and sign into it. Your other profile will be linked to your main ID.

4. Make Your Bio Look Better by Using Special Characters:

Have you wondered how people add those artsy fonts to their Instagram bio? You can do that too. This is one of those Instagram cool features that many don’t use. So you can stand out from the crowd by doing this. Just use websites like FontSpace and LingoJam. You can use them to download special and unique fonts. Those will help your bio look a little more elegant.

5. Make Your Profile Appear on The Explore Page:

Make Your Profile Appear on The Explore Page

The explore page is a great way to gain new followers. It’s one of those Instagram hacks that’s not difficult but many don’t do. Just add popular hashtags to your captions and bio. Are you are using your Instagram to reach out to a certain niche? Then use popular keywords from that niche. Add popular keywords like style, photography, or art. That can help fans of those niches find your account.

6. Link Your Instagram to Any Other Social Media or Website You Have:

Have thousands of friends on Facebook and not any on Instagram? Well, what the hell are you waiting for? Drive some of your Facebook followers to your Instagram profile. We’re not saying ask all of your Facebook friends to follow you on Instagram. Just link your Insta ID on your Facebook bio. That way if anyone wants to follow you, they can. The same goes for any other social media you have. Utilize them to increase your Instagram followers.

7. Minimize Your Reply Time:

Interacting with your followers can help you gain a loyal following. But we get it. Talking to people is time-consuming and not that enjoyable. That’s why we love the ‘Quick reply’ feature on Instagram. With this feature, you can create one or two standard phrases. That will help you reply to comments and DMs without any typing. You can find the quick reply setting under the business setting of your Instagram settings section.

8. Save Pictures to Create Collections:

People share so many beautiful pictures on Instagram. You’d of course want to go back to your favorite ones over time. You can do that by using the ‘saved’ feature. Sort them out in neat little collections. Those can give you inspiration for your posts in the future. This is one of those Instagram cool features that’ll make spending time on the app more fun for you.

9. Watch All the Posts You’ve Liked Over the Years:

You can find pictures without saving them if you’ve liked them. To find the pictures you’ve liked, go to your Instagram settings and click the accounts option. There you’ll find the option ‘posts you’ve liked’. Clicking that option will show your liked pictures.

10. Clean Up Your Comment Section:

Clean Up Your Comment Section

Having a clean comment section can do wonders for your mental health. You can delete any comment you don’t like, it is your profile after all. To delete a comment, tap on it and swipe to the left. Then click the garbage icon to delete the comment.

11. Filter Comments by Specific Words:

If you don’t want certain comments on your posts, you won’t have to scroll through them to find them. You can just filter certain words out. Then people won’t be able to comment those words on your posts. To do that go to your option and select the comments button. There you can hide the comments you don’t like. Filter the keywords you don’t like and you won’t see them in your comment section.

12. Disable Comments Entirely:

If filtering isn’t enough for you, you can disable the comment section entirely. No comments no hassle. You can only do that for individual posts though. And you need to do it before you publish the post. When you post something new, on the page to add captions and tags, you’ll see the advanced settings option. There you can pick the ‘turn off commenting’ option.

13. Keep A Record of Your Instagram Stories:

We all know Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours. This is both a good and a bad thing. A lot of good content may get lost because of this. So, just be safe and keep a record of your stories. Use Instagram story downloaders to keep your stories saved. You can use the same downloader to save other people’s stories.

14. Automate Your Posts:

Just like your replies, you can automate your posts. Being consistent is important when it comes to social media. But not everyone can post in a timely manner. So, to solve this problem just use a scheduler tool. You can find a lot of them on the Internet, just use any one of them. With their help, you won’t have to worry about sticking to a schedule. The tool will do it for you.

15. Get Notified When Your Favorite Friends Post:

If you want to get notified when your friend posts, here is what you do. Go to their profile and click on the three dots in the top right corner. Click the notifications option and turn it on. You can turn it on for posts, stories, IGTV, and live videos.

16. Hide Your Tagged Photos:

Hide Your Tagged Photos

Got tagged in a photo that doesn’t make you look the best? Well, you can hide that photo from your feed. To do that, just go to your profile and find the picture that you want to remove. Tap on it and click the hide from profile option. This will remove the picture from your profile.

17. Prevent People from Tagging You in the Future:

Hiding a tagged photo will only get rid of it from your profile. The original picture will be up on your friend’s profile. If you want to prevent yourself from getting tagged, here is what you do. Go to your profile, click on the person icon, and then on a post there. Click the edit button, and then turn on the manually approve tags option. You can now choose who gets to tag you and who doesn’t.

18. Hide the Ads You Don’t Want to See:

Advertisements can be annoying, but there is a way to get rid of them. If you feel like you are seeing ads that are not relevant to you hide them. You can find the hide option when you click on the three dots beside the post.

19. Use IGTV to Make Your Content More Engaging:

Video content is always better at attracting more audiences. You can upload video content on IGTV from your camera roll. Make and post high-quality videos. That’ll definitely help you attract more viewers. If you want inspiration, you can watch other people’s videos on IGTV.

20. Filter the Posts You Search by Location:

Want to see what’s going on in your area? Instagram has the option to filter posts by location. Use this option to know what people in your area are doing. Search for your area on the search bar or use the geotag option. If you are planning to go on a trip somewhere, you can see posts from there. Use the same method.

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21. No Accidental Liking:

Accidental liking is something every one of us has done at least once. There is a way you can be safe from that. Go to your feed and scroll until the end. Once your whole feed loads, turn on airplane mode. There you go, no accidental liking, even if you double tap.

22. Get Verified:

instagran verified profile

Getting verified can do wonders for your following count. To get verified, go to your settings and click on account. Then click request verification. Then fill out the form they provide. You’ll need to submit your government-issued ID proof. Send the filled-out form and you may get verified. It’s not a guarantee that you will be verified. But if you do, that blue tick will look great on your profile.

23. Use Pinterest to Gain More Followers:

Like Instagram, Pinterest is a visual social media. A lot of Instagram users use Pinterest. Using Pinterest well can gain you a ton of followers. Share your best posts on Pinterest too. Learn a couple of Pinterest SEO tricks and you can gain a decent number of viewers pretty easily. Then drive those followers to Instagram.

24. Get Rid of Your Search History:

We all may need to get rid of our search histories from time to time. To do that for Instagram go to your Instagram settings, and then to security. There you can find the ‘clear search history’ button. Click on it and then confirm. Your search history is gone just like that.

25. Make Your Favourite Filters Easy to Find:

Have a couple of favorite filters that you use all the time? Keep them at the front to save time. Start by creating a new post. Then find your favorite filter and drag it to the front. Repeat that for all of your favorite filters. This way you won’t have to keep looking for them next time.

26. Use Instagram to Send Pictures to Your Friends:

You can use the direct messaging feature to send your friends high-quality pictures. Direct messages are private, so your friend and you are the only ones who will see them. You can send your friend pictures privately by selecting the direct message option instead of new post. You can also share other people’s posts by clicking the paper plane icon and then selecting the friend.

27. Upload Multiple Pictures in A post:

You can upload up to 10 pictures in one post. So, if you have 10 pictures from the same day and you want to upload them all, do them in the same post. To select multiple pictures, first, tap the + icon and then select the multiple option. It looks like overlapping pages. Select all the pictures that you want to post, and they will be posed.

28. Make Your Images Look Better with Borders:

Make Your Images Look Better with Borders

Instagram has a ton of borders that can make your pictures look retro and cool. You can add them to your pictures to make them stand out in the crowd. You can find the borders in the filter section. Tap on a filter and find the box-like icon. You can find borders there. This is one of those Instagram cool features that is pretty easy to use. So take advantage of it.

29. Make Your Account Safer:

You’ve spent so much time and effort on your Instagram account. So, you might as well make it safer so that it is harder to hack. Setting up 2-Factor Authentication can make your account a lot safer. Go to your options and you should find the 2-factor authentication button in the account section. There you can connect your Id to a phone number. So, next time someone wants to log into your account they’ll need your phone too.

30. Sell Your Creativity on Instagram:

Got any hobbies like knitting or art and craft? You can make money off of those hobbies with Instagram. Post them on your feed. Your friends will see it and any of them may want to buy it. That’s free advertisement for you.

31. Change the Link in Your Bio:

If the link to your website has changed, you should update that on your Instagram bio. You can only add one link to your bio. No need to waste that space on a dead link. You can also use your bio to promote more than one website. You just have to change the link whenever you want to promote a new website.

32. Archive Your Post Instead of Deleting It:

We all have those embarrassing pictures on our social media profiles from years ago. You may have some too. But instead of deleting them, you should archive them. Why? Well deleting them will get rid of them permanently, but you won’t be able to access them later either. But if you archive them instead, no one else will see them. And you’ll still have access to them, in case you need them later.

33. Use Cooler Stickers:

Want to know how to use selfies instead of stickers? We’ll tell you. First, take a picture or video that you want to post and click on the sticker. Instead of using a regular sticker open up the camera from the magic folder. Now you can take a selfie and use that as a sticker. Let your creativity run free and create whatever you want.

34. Make Cool Pictures Using the Eraser Brush:

Want to make your pictures otherworldly? You can do that with the eraser brush. This is one of those Instagram cool features that a lot of people love using. With this effect, you can erase a part of your picture. If you use the tool creatively, you can create some pretty cool pictures. To use the effect, take a picture and select the drawing tool. Now tap on your screen for a few seconds after picking your favorite color. Now use the eraser tool to reveal the parts of the picture you want to show.

35. Make Magical Videos with the Rewind Tool:

If you are on Instagram, you’ve seen rewind videos at least once. You know, those videos, the ones where someone’s hat flies up to their head. You can make videos like that too. All you need is a creative idea. When you get your idea just go to Instagram and shoot your video. You can find the rewind feature under Instagram story filters.

36. Go Live on Instagram:

go live on instagram

If you have a sizable following on Instagram, a great way to interact with them would be by going Live. By going Live you can interact with all of them at once. And if you are confident enough, you can even upload live stories. You can go live by clicking the + icon in a box. You’ll see the icon in the top right corner of your app when you first open it.

37. Save Your Data Using the Data Saver Option:

If you’ve been wondering what’s draining your data, it might be Instagram. Instagram hosts high-quality pictures and videos, so it can cost a lot of data to use. To prevent that from happening, use Instagram in Data Saver Mode. You can find the option to turn this mode on by going to your Instagram Settings, then to account, and clicking the cellular data Use.

38. Easily Find Hashtags You Can Use:

Finding the perfect hashtag can be somewhat difficult sometimes. You don’t need to worry much though. There are websites that can help you find the perfect hashtags for your posts. You can use websites like Hashtagify to find popular hashtags and use them in your posts.

39. Use the Boomerang App:

You don’t have to stick to Instagram to make cool videos. You can try other apps like the Boomerang App to create cool videos. Once you make the video, you can share it on Instagram. The Boomerang app is available on both android and IOS. So, you can check it out no matter what your device is.

40. Make Your Feed Look Better by Creating Collages:

You can make collages out of your pictures using apps like Layout. Then upload these collages on Instagram. Having these collages on your feed can make your feed look very aesthetic. Who wouldn’t want to follow you when your feed looks that pretty?

41. You Can Hide Your Stories from a Specific Person:

Have that one follower who always comments something annoying when you post stories? You don’t have to worry about them anymore. Just hide your stories from them. Go to your Instagram settings and then to privacy. Under the stories section, you’ll find the option to hide your stories from anyone.

42. Mute Someone’s Story on Instagram:

Let’s face it, not everyone posts good stories on Instagram. So if you are not interested in the stories of a specific friend, just mute them. Press the story of the person you want to mute. You should now see the option mute at the bottom of the screen. Press it and your friend is muted.

43. Send A Message to Someone as Soon as They Follow You:

Want to make your followers feel special? Why not set up an automated message thanking them for following you? If you sign up to StimSocial and link your Instagram ID to it, you can create an automated message. This message will then be sent to anyone who starts following you.

44. Stop Seeing Someone’s Posts without Unfollowing Them:

If you want to keep following someone but don’t want to see their posts you can mute their posts. To do that find one of their posts on your feed and click on the three dots next to it. Click on hide and you should see the option to mute posts from them.

45. Choose What People See First of Your Video:

Choose What People See First of Your Video

You can choose the cover photo that shows up for your videos. You’ll need to do a bit of editing though. Find a good editing software, one that you are comfortable using. Then get your cover picture and place it at the front and end of the video. That’ll be what people see of your video.

46. Stop Someone from Messaging You Without Blocking Them:

If you don’t want to block someone, but also don’t want to receive messages from them, you can mute them. Go to your messages and press on the person you want to mute for a few seconds. Select the mute messages option and you’ll be rid of them without blocking them.

47. Add Multiple Coloured Text in Your Stories:

You don’t have to stick to one colored text on your Instagram story. Use as many colors as you like. When adding the story just select a portion of the text. Then choose your favorite color from the color wheel. Do this for every portion of your text and your story will have multi-colored text.

48. Find Your Favourite Posts More Easily:

Did you know you can follow hashtags on Instagram? You can, you don’t have to wait for the people you follow to post something to see it. If you follow hashtags that stuff will show up on your explore page. To do that just search up your favorite hashtag and then click the follow button. This is one of those Instagram cool features that make using the app more fun.

49. Don’t Let People Know When You are Online:

If you don’t want people to know when you are online you can turn off your activity status. Retain your mysterious aura, people don’t need to know what you do. Go to your Instagram settings, then to privacy, and click the Activity status. Turn the show activity status option off and you are done.

50. Limit the Time You Spend on Instagram:

At the end of the day, you’ve got to have some limit on your Instagram activity. Spending too much time on Instagram can be pretty bad for you. Limiting your usage time is one of those Instagram tricks and tips that many do not utilize and suffer because of. So just be safe and set a time limit. You can set the limit by clicking the three lines at the top right corner of your profile. Click the three lines, then click your activity, then click time spent. You’ll see the option to set a daily limit there.

My Opinion

We are pretty sure these 50 Instagram tricks and tips should help you increase your follower count. At the very least, you’ll have more fun on Instagram now. Knowing these Instagram settings shortcuts and privacy Instagram hacks should make using Instagram a lot safer and more enjoyable for you.

instagram settings

Social media is all about consistency and interaction. But in the end, it all comes down to how much you enjoy it. If you enjoy using Instagram and making content for it, people will enjoy watching it. So make sure to have fun.

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